The R100 Crew

The R100 crew had the wonderful opportunity to fly across the Atlantic and back in July and August 1930. In all there were 44 men on the trip out with a relief crew of 11 men already in Canada on standby for the return journey if necessary.

The R100 moored at Montreal, Canada.

If we take a close look at the press release for the flight and examine in detail the information supplied it is interesting to note that of the 31 crew 16 had had no prior experience of flying. (Scary!) And only 1 of the 11 relief crew had flown before!

Those on board the flight to Canada:

Officers 6

Officials 7


Engineers 13

Cox/Ass Cox 4

Riggers 8

WT Operators 3

Stewards/chef 3

Total crew 31

Overall total 44

Officers of the R100

Major George Herbert Scott
Sqdrn Ldr S Booth
Sq Ldr E L Johnston, Chief Navigator.
Captain George Meager, First Officer and Navigator.
F/O M H Steff, Second Officer
Maurice Giblett, Meteorologist.

Engineers of the R100

William Young Angus. Chief Engineer
Engineer Donald Lelliot
Engineer L Hunt
Chargehand Engineer Norman Mann
Charge Hand Engineer Granville Watts.
Charge Hand Engineer Ted Stupple
Engineer Robert Ball
Engineer J Jowett
Engineer H Millard
Engineer J M Sturgeon
Engineer H Cumley
Engineer F Gaye
Engineer H W Clark

Riggers on the R100

Chief Cox Flt Sgt T Greenstreet

Ass Cox G E Long
Ass Cox T Hobbs
Rigger R L Deverell

Ass Cox Leslie Anderson Moncrieff
Rigger C H Rumsby
Rigger F Williams
Rigger George Ryder Scott
Rigger C Flatters
Rigger C Broughton
Rigger C G Cutts

Rigger A F Wiseman

Wireless Operators

Chief Wireless Operator Spencer Thomas Keeley.

Wireless Op and Electrician Arthur Disley
Wireless Operator George Kimberley Atkins


Chief Steward Albert Savidge
Chef J F Meagan

Ass Steward F Hodnett

Officials on the flight to Canada.

Also on board:

A Eldridge - Clerk to Reginald Colmore and

Lt Commander Prentice representing the Admiralty.

Sir D Burney representing Vickers
Neville Shute Norway representing Vickers. Find more details about him on the Notable People page.
Frederick McWade representing the Royal Airship Works
Archibald Wann representing the RAW. For more details about him go to the Notable People section.
Reginald Colmore representing the D.A.D.

The Relief Crew for the flight to Canada.

The 11 members of the Relief Crew who had sailed to Canada in advance of the airship.

The image left is a wonderful photograph showing the relief R100 crew. It is a little frustrating - names are supplied but it is not clear in which order they are given. Only R J Burgess had previous flying experience on an airship the rest had joined the crew in November 1929 or later in some cases.

D Simmonds in this photo is Donald Simmonds who went on to design speedboats. More about him can be found in the Notable People section.