British Rigid Airship Constructors

Rigid airships built by Vickers at Barrow

The Mayfly
HMA No9r
HMA No23r

Rigid airships built by Beardmore at Inchinnan

HMA 24r

Rigid airships built by Armstrong Whitworth at Selby, Yorks

HMA 25r
Oswald Short

Rigid airships built by Shorts at Cardington.

The Shorts Building. Design staff were based here.
Eustace Short
The R31
The R32
The R38/ZR2 airship. This ship was started by Shorts but was completed by the RAW (see below).

The R101 was built at the Royal Airship Works (RAW) at Cardington.

The R101 airship.
Still standing today the two airship sheds at Cardington.
Ivor Campbell. The first RAW Superintendent.

Emblem for the Royal Airship Works (RAW)

The Airship Guarantee Company (Vickers backed) built the R100 at Howden.

The R100 moored at St Hubert, Canada.
The R100 moored at Montreal, Canada.